Educators’ Testimonials


Diane Duff is not only very knowledgeable, but her advice is always thoughtful and relevant to my continued success.

Senthuran Paramasamy, B. Ed., Principal
Cambridge Academy, Markham, ON

The staff responded well to Diane’s lessons in report card writing and improved their writing skills tremendously.

Tracy Grisdale, B.A., AMI, Principal
High Park Centennial Montessori School, Toronto

Ms. Duff has been key to the success of many children…and has made me change my views about educating children.

Raj Lingam
Peel District School Board, Mississuaga

Diane Duff  is professional, dedicated, and brilliant in her ability to teach.

Tracy Grisdale, AMI, B.A., M. Ed., Principal, Central Montessori Schools
Past President of the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers

Great workshop, nice pace, open to questions.

R.A. Casa Directress at Central Montessori School, GTA
Reading & Language Development Workshop

Excellent. You have lots of energy!

NL, Casa Directress (3 to 4 year olds)
Reading & Language Development Workshop

I especially appreciated the information about vocabulary and the handouts.

KWS, Casa Directress at Montessori Academy, London, ON
Reading & Language Development Workshop

I was very satisfied! Much information, clearly related. Diane was open, receptive, relaxed, and confident.

Casa Directress at Montessori Learning Centre, Pickering, ON
Reading & Language Development Workshop

The workshop was not long enough.  It could have been a full day.

Montessori Directress
‘Sound Strategies’ Workshop at CAMT, Spring 2012 Conference, Oakville

I loved hearing an opinion from a non-Montessorian! You challenged our thinking on how to improve. Resources are always appreciated. This workshop could be a two-day program!

TD, Casa/Lower Elementary Directress, North Bay
Reading & Language Development Workshop

In my own work with children who have reading difficulties or a reading disability, I have had several students who have undergone educational testing from a variety educators and psychologists; however, the most satisfying results and corresponding plans have always been from Diane Duff.  Diane’s assessments are specific, precise and meaningful.  They allow me to develop individual reading programs for each of my students. Diane gives an exact calculation about where a child’s abilities fall and follows up with clear instructions for bringing that child up to par.

Catherine O’Keeffe, Directress of Upper Elementary
Montessori Jewish Day School, Toronto

Over the past many years, Diane Duff has consulted extensively with us.  In 2002, she supported us in the planning and opening of our school, reviewing the language curriculum and helping us set up our report card formatting.   In 2005, she worked with us – especially in the area of language curriculum – as we made plans for the expansion of our school.  Over the years, Diane has provided professional development for us too, with workshops on report card writing, how to conduct efficient and meaningful parent-teacher interviews, and how to use the Spalding Method to teach reading. Diane is always very kind and professional when speaking to our teachers, who, in turn, were motivated, engaged and happy to work with her.

Blanca Sanchez, Montessori Directress, Education Program Director
Kaban Montessori, Mississauga, ON

Diane Duff has provided a variety of consulting services for our school and the teachers, parents, students and I have been very pleased and well served by her work with us.

Over our long-term and ongoing relationship, Diane has conducted assessments of individual students’ reading writing skills the CASA, lower and upper elementary classrooms. These have been followed up by individualized programme suggestions for those students that needed this.  The teachers at MJDS have found this so helpful that they requested further training from Diane, who has provided us with workshops in literacy development, reading assessment, and the Ontario Ministry Guidelines for Language Development from SK to grade 6.  Diane always came well prepared to share her knowledge, expertise and experience.

We were so enthused and inspired by Diane’s work that we also wanted to share it with parents and thus invited her to lead a Parent Workshop on Literacy. She taught us all about the development of literacy, how to choose the best books and, most importantly, how to nurture and support a love for reading.

As Head of School, I often find that I need to spearhead professional development.  Ever since Diane started working with us, however, the teachers themselves request her leadership and direction. This is a testament to Diane’s ability to gain their trust and respect – as is the frequency with which the teachers refer to the many things they have learned from and with her.

As Head of a Montessori school, I know it is difficult to find external consultants who know and understand Montessori principles and who are also knowledgeable about current trends and research of best practices in education. Diane Duff is just such a consultant.  She is never afraid to challenge assumptions and is always eager do whatever it takes to help those who are lucky enough to work with her to reach their personal goals.  Our teachers feel rewarded by their own growth and by the success of their students.

Diane is passionate and knowledgeable and this is evident in everything she does. From the first consultation and needs assessment through to her work with children and adults alike, her approach is professional, thorough and comprehensive.   I recommend her highly and without reservation.

Regina Lulka, AMI, BAH, M. Ed.
Head of School at Montessori Jewish Day School, Toronto, Consultant to Montessori Schools and CCMA, Past President of CAMT

Love the challenge to re-think the way we do things.

Montessori Directress
CAMT, Spring 2012 Conference, Oakville, ON

The best things about the workshop were new information and a very knowledgeable presenter. Very satisfied.

Paula Glasgow, Dean, Montessori Teacher’s College
Reading & Language Development Workshop

Diane worked with me intensively for several months to improve my writing, spelling and reading comprehension so that I was able to finally complete my degree — a goal that years earlier seemed elusive because of my dyslexia. Technically, her instruction was flawless, but it was her patience, support and encouragement that made the difference for me.

Guy Heritage
M. Ed.

You inspired me!

M,. Casa Directress (3 to 6 year olds), Toronto
Reading & Language Development Workshop

I wished it were longer. My favourite things were the phases of development overview and the help with my questions!

LC, Casa Directress at Odyssey Montessori School, Toronto, ON
Reading & Language Development Workshop

Diane was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The workshop was too short.

SS, Casa Directress at Tall Pines School, Ontario
Reading & Language Development Workshop

Loved every minute!

Montessori Directress
‘Sound Strategies’ Workshop at CAMT, Spring 2012 Conference, Oakville