Meet Diane L. Duff, B. Ed., M.A., Founder of The Reading School


Diane L. Duff, B. Ed.
Diane has been infatuated with how written language works for over 50 years.

True early immersion child of a Canadian soldier living in Belgium, Diane learned to read and write French before she ever developed those skills in English.  When she finally did learn to read English, she spent more time than an 8-year-old probably should trying to figure out why “once” isn’t spelled with a “w”.

Is it any wonder she became an English and French teacher – or that her focus for almost 20 years has been reading development and reading disability!  Diane is committed, not only to making reading easier for children, but to making teaching reading easier for professionals. In fact, Teacher Training and Research-Based Reading Instruction is the subject of her Master’s Thesis.

At The Reading School, Diane works to improve the quality of early reading instruction and remediation.  In this, she works with schools, independent teachers and tutors, homeschooling families, and parents/children.

Diane lives in Toronto with her husband. She is the proud mama of two remarkable women, and five wonderful stepchildren. She is thrilled to be called Gramma / G’Ma / The Great Green Granny by five amazing young souls~four girls and a boy.